See What Thought Tuning™ is About

I will always value the skills I learned from Shawn during the years I worked with him. He set an unequaled example in dealing with difficult circumstances that taught me how to successfully solve problems from a different perspective.

David B, NC

I had been praying about and wrestling through a business situation for a whole year. After working with Shawn for only a few months, I was able to navigate through with extraordinary success! I feel energized and excited about my path forward!

Deirdre S., MA

I’m amazed at what happens when a breakthrough occurs. There’s nothing like it. You helped me find the solution I believe God had in mind for me the entire time, without telling me outright. Wow!

Nick M, NH

Shawn possesses more than just business smarts, he has an understanding of humanity that enables him to speak into people lives in a way that motivates you to want more. It is not only with great respect but it is also an honor for me to recommend Shawn!

Robin T, HI

I’ve had nothing short of life changing breakthroughs with your techniques. I see things with a whole new perspective today.

Darin E, MI

My association with Shawn has been over the last several years and I consider him a man of great integrity. We have worked on various projects together and I have observed his great insight and teaching. He has the highest level of integrity and professionalism. So it is with the high recommendations I endorse Shawn and his work

Carl C, NH

When it comes to motivational speakers, I love listening to Shawn. His presentations are enlightening, energetic, creative, funny and thought provoking. Few speakers have caused me to contemplate my thoughts, life and actions the way Shawn has.

Mike F, NH

Shawn has the perfect mix of energy and efficiency. A lot can be accomplished in a short amount of time. I found that his empathy for his student allows him to connect quickly and get to the heart of the matter.

Glenn P, NH

Through Shawn's coaching, I dedicated myself to achieving a project management professional certification and moved to a new position where I now see many opportunities, with a 13% higher salary. I am grateful for Shawn’s coaching!

Justin K, MA

Besides being highly trained, Shawn’s integrity, sincerity, and humor made it incredibly easy for me to embrace the coaching process.

John T, MA

Shawn’s coaching literally infused energy into my life and helped me to see obstacles as opportunities for growth, not reasons to quit and despair. Shawn is the real deal.

John E, NH

I can confidently say that coaching and motivating is Shawn's passion and the founding of his company simply the result of a heartfelt desire to share his gifts. He is, by far, one of the most compelling and caring individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Cam G, NH

As the owner of a small business, I am often faced with difficult situations and need to make tough choices. Shawn is an invaluable resource by providing wise, mature counsel which I could never get from my employees or my peers in other businesses. His grasp of business strategy and biblical wisdom is astounding.

Hans R, MA